Which type of research is publishable through Alfrek?

Alfrek focuses on research from the social sciences. Apart from this delimitation, all research that has an expected value to practitioners is welcome.

Can I make money via Alfrek as a researcher?

Yes. Alfrek charges a subscription fee to companies, 70% of the fee is distributed to the researchers that publish through Alfrek. The algorithm for distribution is based on the rating and number of views of the solutions.

Is Alfrek a regular publication channel?

No. Alfrek enables researchers to repackage existing research results into practically useful solutions to everyday challenges for organizations. Most solutions on Alfrek are published in regular academic outlets before being repackaged into solutions.

I have a very good solution to a big challenge, but my solution is not based on research,. Can I still publish on Alfrek?

No. Only solutions based on scientific work may be published.

Can anyone publish through Alfrek?

No, you must be a researcher associated with a research institution.

Who can access the solutions on Alfrek?

Anyone can browse teaser-versions of the solutions, but in order to see the full solution, the firm must purchase an Alfrek subscription.

What is the price for the Alfrek subscription?

The researchers access Alfrek free-of-charge. The price for firms is 10 000 SEK for firm-wide access during the beta period. The price after the beta period is not set, but will depend on firm seize and vary between 10.000 – 100.000 SEK anually.

Can I remove a solution that I have published through Alfrek?

Yes. Contact admin@alfrek.com

What if I find a solution based on my research that I haven’t published or sanctioned?

This means that somebody has seen the potential in your research and published a solution based on it. We have procedures in place to be able to handle this, contact admin@alfrek.com.

Will I be able to monitor my own impact through Alfrek?

Yes. As a researcher you have access to a dashboard that monitors the use and ratings of your own solutions. This feature is not released yet.

Is there a way for me as a consultant to gain access to Alfrek?

Yes. There is a specific associate program for consulting firms. This program allows the consultants to work with Alfrek to see what is currently sought after in the market, as well as opens up for a re-packaging of the solutions into customer-specific solutions.

Is there a way for me as a systems vendor to gain access to Alfrek?

Yes. There is a specific associate program for system vendors. This program allows the vendors to work with Alfrek to see what is currently sought after in the market, as well as opens up for a re-packaging of the solutions into standardized functionality in the systems themselves.

Will Alfrek continue to grow?

Yes. Alfrek is bent on becoming the market leader in research based solutions. We have every intention of continuing our expansion, moving in to new markets continually. This is done to ensure the continued access of leading solutions.

How do I know what to publish on Alfrek?

Go through your latest research work, projects and publications. Look for models, frameworks, lists, connections and correlations that may be of practical value. Look for sections “implications for practitioners”. Look for the bigger picture. Download the Alfrek publishing guidelines to be found on the top part of the Publishing section on Alfrek.com (you must have a researchers account to access this).

How do I publish a solution?

Go to section Publish and fill out the form, its easy.

How do I edit a solution?

Go to your profile, your solutions will be listed below your account data. On the right side of each solution, there is an edit link. After edit, your solution will be submitted for a new round of reviews before it is made available on Alfrek.com.

Are Alfrek solutions reviewed?

Yes. There is a thorough round of reviews conducted by senior researchers in order to assure the scientific quality underlying the solution. After this, the solutions are made available for the practitioners, that continue in rating the solutions.

What are the Alfrek review criteria?

The review focuses on the scientific rigor of the research underlying the solution.

What is the connection between Alfrek and research?

Alfrek is an digital marketplace that makes it easy for researchers to publish smaller, easy to use solutions to organizational issues and challenges. But the solutions must be based on research, nothing else is acceptable.

I work in a company, how can Alfrek help me?

Through Alfrek, all the employees on your firm will have full access to the latest research based solutions to commonly occurring organizational issues and challenges. It will be a great source and inspiration and increase your organizations innovation capability and support competence development.

I work in the public sector, can I find solutions that are relevant for me?

Yes. Many Alfrek solutions are specifically addressing issues for the public sector.

Is Alfrek a non-profit organization?

No, Alfrek is a privately owned company based in Stockholm, Sweden.

I am a researcher within social science, why should I use Alfrek?

Alfrek will enable you to reach out and display your research to thousands of organizations. This is a great source of feedback and helps to stay relevant. In addition, you will receive significant monetary compensation if your Alfrek solutions becomes popular.

Can I use Alfrek to measure my institution’s impact on society?

Yes. We have devised a set of scorecards that can be used by academic institutions to monitor and promote the societal impact of research conducted within the institution. There is a special subscription available for academic institutions, as well as options for marketing solutions. These features are not available yet.

Can I increase the popularity of my solutions?

We recommend all Alfrek users to include a link to their personal profile in all mail correspondence. This link gives direct access to your solutions, and is hence a means through which you can increase your popularity.

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